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Why You Should Rent an Apartment in Alberta

Location is the number one factor most people seeking to move in will consider. This is based on the fact that location determines a number of other underlying factors all of which should work to the satisfaction of the tenant if they happen to choose right. Alberta has been a favorite among many people over the recent past, having managed to meet their needs in just the right way. The Alberta apartments for rent in https://apartmentlove.com/alberta have great demand.

Facts about Alberta

The residential area rests on a 61 square mile piece of land. With there being around 1,126 people on every square mile, Alberta is therefore still averagely populated, and is actually one of the places you should look forward to settling in if you need to live a life away from a noisy neighborhood. Most of the people living in Alberta earn a figure close to $22, 700 per capita, making it quite a habitable place. The median household income is around $40283. If living in the above income brackets, then Alberta should be the next place you consider moving in to, based on the serenity and affordability. The area has an average of 33% renters. Most of these renters agree to the fact that the rent they pay accounts for less than 32% of their income. The figure could be higher or less depending on the type of apartment or salary scale, hence one should consider doing some calculations prior to making the decisions to move out.

Alberta boasts of having a very homely environment in terms of the exteriors. The vegetation in the area, most of renters find already existing is quite beautiful and attractive. If serenity and calm matters to you, then look no further, Alberta should be your next rental home.

The available options

The apartments available in Alberta cover for the needs of every tenant. In addition to this, the apartments are positioned in such a way that every tenant gets to enjoy their personal space with the least interference from those living around him or her.

The rental apartments range from single studio apartments to 3 bedroom apartments. The studio apartments go for less, but the costs are bound to vary from one apartment to the other. One can however access a habitable studio apartment for as little as $100. The prices of two bedroom apartments also vary, but once more, you will find a very reasonable apartment at an affordable price. There are 2 bedroom apartments going for as little as $575 monthly. Three bedroom apartments will go for more than $700 on the lower side. Pent house apartments are more expensive, with a two bedroom apartment going for around $ 2,600.

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Nestled on a tree lined, acre estate, overlooking the historic Town of Lunenburg, you will find the Arbor View Inn. With garden paths and quiet seclusion we offer a sanctuary from the travels of the day, where one can unwind and plan for what the area has to offer, or simply watch the day slip into night as the stars come out.

Start your day off with a homemade breakfast and warm conversation. You’ll be ready to experience all that Lunenburg has to offer. Our UNESCO designated town is home to many fine shops, galleries and restaurants. It is also the home of the famous Bluenose II. Spend a few days and visit famous Peggy's Cove and Mahone Bay, local wineries and amazing artisans. And once you have had your fill for the day, return to your relaxing and comfortable home away from home.

The winner of The Nova Scotia Home Award for Restoration, this century home (c.1907) has been welcoming guests and new found friends since 1996 (and wedding parties too!). Take advantage of our secluded grounds and shady apple trees, or enjoy a leisurely read on our expansive decks while deciding what’s next on your list of things to do. We offer on-site parking, private baths and of course, complimentary breakfast.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home and our famous little town.



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