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Arbor View History

The Arbor View Inn sits on land that used to be known as the old Robert Lindsay Farm. In 1906 land was being parceled off by Margaret and Peter Ross, and Henry Macintosh purchased this parcel for the building of his new home. He was an Inspector of Schools at the time and he set out to have this grand old home built. With stained glass throughout and wide use of golden oak flooring and trim work, the home is an excellent example of the attention to detail and craftsmanship.

In 1935 Mr. Lawrence Hebb purchased the home for his wife Marion and the home stayed in the Hebb family until 1995 when it was bought by Daniel and Rose Orovec. The grand but tired home was converted into The Arbor View Inn and an addition was added at the rear of the building. The Orovec's efforts were recognized with a Nova Scotia Home Award for Restoration and the doors opened for business in the spring of 1996. Shortly thereafter, Daniel Orovec added a twenty-four seat restaurant that quickly became very popular with both tourists and locals. After 10 years and the addition of three young children, the Orovec family decided to make a change.

By our good fortune, we discovered and purchased the Inn, making the cross-country move from Canmore, Alberta in April of 2008.

During renovations this past year, a deteriorated facia board revealed an intriguing find. Located within the wall on the north-facing dormer, a twine-bound collection of old letters was discovered. After a very careful inspection of the materials, it was determined that this bundle contained letters written by the two sons of Henry Macintosh during World War One which are now in the care of The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic located here in Lunenburg. This marvelous and amazing discovery has become the largest collection of World War One letters on record.

There's more to this story and we'd love to share it with you.


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