Cindy (Haus Mama), originally from  Nova Scotia, spent nearly 30 years in Banff and Canmore, Alberta before returning to her home province in 2008.  While in Alberta she worked at various careers, including horseback riding, accounting and for the balance of her time with a land developer in the  picturesque Town of Canmore in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.  After many years of long days and weeks, it was time for a change and the ocean called and in April 2008 she returned, with me, to  Lunenburg on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

In October 2007  Cindy walked through the front door of the Arbor View and saw the wingback chairs in the parlour. So, I guess you could say she bought a couple of chairs with a building around them.

As much as she liked the chairs, she was fully aware of the work required to breathe new life into the building. Construction commenced in April of 2008 and the Arbor View received a full face-lift of the exterior facade. After months of renovations, the doors to the beautiful Inn were re-opened on June 27th, 2008.


So there you have it. I like it here too although I don’t do very much. In fact, except for sleeping, curling up on laps, and eating I didn’t do much in my previous home either. I did try to help out with the roof a bit, since I’m a fan of heights , but I only like the “up” part.

Taz (the, not allowed in the Inn, cat).

P.S. I have a sister now named Maggie. She came to live with us from Murfreesboro, Tennessee because the owner didn’t want her. She is a viscous and unrelenting guard dog. Beware.